When my father passed away,my Mom whom has Alzheimer’s disease was very sick and I really did not think she would live out the month. She lived with me for 6 weeks and in that time we worked with her Physical Therapist to get her stable to be able to move into Assisted Living. I found out after caring for her that I was not able to do the job that a professional could do. It was not an easy decision, but it was the right one. I started an easy transition of Day Care at first 3 days a week to get her used to the facility. I then told her she would be staying full time, she liked everyone and did not complain. She has been at Meadowlark Inn for over 2 months and the staff have made her feel like she is at home. When I take her out she says I’m ready to go home which makes me feel that I made the right decision. I have never gone there without everyhing spotless and the staff taking loving care of the Residents, I could not be happier that my Mom is so well taken care of.

– Pat Gamba, Wellington, FLorida, May 2010

Orange Blossoms Villa is a small Assisted Living facility with caring staff. The owners and staff are familiar with every patient and his/her special needs. The owner Marielle Cummings, is a wealth of information as to what needs to be done and where to get the services needed. She is always available for questions and concerns. She makes sure to keep the family “in the loop” as to what’s going on.

I would gladly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a facility to place a loved one.

– Angela Dolph, Wellington, FLorida, February 2010

Orange Blossoms Villa has provided excellent monitoring over the years for our clients as well as provided a home like atmosphere. Our client’s always go to their appointments exeptionally clean and well groomed. Their staff is one to be admired.

– Tony Bolling, VIP Care Management, Lake Worth FL, December 2009

Re: The Placement of my mother Joan Lewack into Orange Blossoms Villa Assisted Living Facility.

Although my mother spent only 1 week at the facility I had a chance to visit the facility a few weeks after my mother’s death. Our experience in visiting the facility, while sad, brought me comfort and happiness that her week there was probably the best week of her life after her health rapidly declined. It was the right choice and greatly exceeded our high expectations(based on the pictures we received and our conversations with Marielle prior to and after my mother’s move) before we visited the facility.

The facility is located in a quiet residential neighborhood and absolutely immaculate. The staff were always friendly and helpful and provided nothing but maximum comfort for my mother. I will be forever grateful to Marielle Cummings and her staff at the Orange Blossoms Villa for everything they did for my mother.

Hope your New Year is successful and may you continue to receive nothing but the highest praise and accolades for all that you do for Seniors for as long as you are in Business!

– Mark Lewack, Laurel, Maryland, 2/27/2009

My mother, Rose was in the best assisted living facility ever with Marielle, Quincy, Olive & staff at Orange Blossoms Villa. When my mother and also my aunt went to live at Orange Blossoms Villa( from May 2004 to February 2009) we truly found a wonderful, caring “family” with whom they could spend their last years. It is a small and intimate setting–just like “home”.

– Miriam Patton, Rosendale NY, 5/2010